Zach Ben-Natan – Tuor Guide

As a tour guide with many years of rich experience, I offer a variety of guided tours at fascinating points of interest. Following the Writer Amos Oz Tour Arad, a city of scholars, writers, and poets. Exploring the footsteps of Amos Oz in Arad. What did Amos seek when he came to the city? What […]

Inbal Arazi – Tour Guide

The desert is my home and natural environment. As a tour guide for many years, fluent in Hebrew and English, I have vast experience in guiding a diverse range of groups, families, and solo explorers from Israel and around the world. Together, we navigate through the entire expanse of the country, with a distinct focus […]

The World of Flora and Fauna

A Spacious Hospitality Tent, Complimentary Hot and Cold Beverages, Nursery, Spices, Dead Sea Products, and Beyond.

The Arad Center for Contemporary Art

Diving into Culture and Art in Arad and Beyond Nestled in the core of Arad’s cultural terrain, The Center for Contemporary Art plays a pivotal role in enriching Israel’s cultural tapestry. Our endeavors traverse a diverse range of subjects, delving deep into the realms of aesthetics, politics, society, geography, and ecology—each intricately woven within the […]

Yatir Winery – A Culmination of Heritage and Excellence

Yatir Winery was established at the foothills of the Jewish Fortress in Tel Arad, a mere 10-minute distance from the vineyards nestled in the Yatir Forest. Founded in 2000 as a collaborative initiative between local vintners and the Vine Growers Association, Yatir Winery recognized the exceptional potential hidden within the Yatir region. Today (2015), the […]

Sheeta Beer: Crafted in the Desert

בירה ונשנושים

Sheeta Beer Garden local brewery, located in the Artists’ Quarter of Arad, has its roots in extensive experimentation and success both in Israel and abroad. Founded by brewers since 2010, the brewery boasts a rich history of crafting fine beers. Visit our Beer Garden Visitors’ Center – Enjoy guided tours that include tastings. Beer Bar […]

Alex and Ina’s Artists’ House

In the realm of artistic expression, Alex and Ina Gutman, two creative artisans,  embarked on a journey with doubts about their talents sustaining their livelihood. Over the years, they developed unique working techniques, and today, their individual artistic voices resonate with a diverse spectrum of admirers. Alex masterfully shapes iron into custom pieces, seamlessly weaving […]

Ma’asiyot Cheimar – Clay Creations and Stories

Explore the world of clay creations Amos, a sculptor, and Ronit, a skilled storyteller, as they open their doors to you and weave the tale of two artists. Upon entering their garden, Amos’s sculptures warmly welcome you, setting the tone for your visit. Inside the house, a world of sculptural wonders unfolds, each piece a […]


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