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Arad Tourism

Desert at Your Doorstep

Discover the splendor of biblical landscapes, embrace the tranquility of desert serenity, explore an abundance of tour routes for all ages and preferences, immerse yourself in a world of galleries, museums, artisan workshops, and more. These are just of few of the possibilities that Arad offers its visitors.  

Heading eastward, the Dead Sea extends an invitation to explore its limitless opportunities. Venture westward, and you’ll encounter the unique expanse of the Yatir Forest, while the vast eastern Negev envelops you, showcasing remarkable craters, grand ridges, and the meandering currents of the renowned Negev region.

Arad is the ideal gateway to embark on unforgettable tours and vacations amidst the enchanting Israeli desert. Offering a comprehensive range of urban amenities, exceptional tourism infrastructure, diverse dining experiences, comfortable accommodation options, and a multitude of captivating points of interest and attractions throughout the city and its surroundings, Arad guarantees a rewarding and enriching experience for all traveler.

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Mount Masada challenge

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