Alex and Ina’s Artists’ House

Alex and Ina’s Artists’ House

In the realm of artistic expression, Alex and Ina Gutman, two creative artisans,  embarked on a journey with doubts about their talents sustaining their livelihood. Over the years, they developed unique working techniques, and today, their individual artistic voices resonate with a diverse spectrum of admirers.

Alex masterfully shapes iron into custom pieces, seamlessly weaving clients’ visions into reality. His repertoire includes iron pictures, sculptures, shelves, and more, all meticulously crafted to meet customers’ desires.

Ina has cultivated her own distinctive painting technique, infusing each artwork with philosophical depth and spiritual harmony. Her canvases display mindfulness and introspection.

The fusion of Alex and Ina’s creativity has metamorphosed their home into an artful sanctuary, a gallery they joyfully open to visitors with a touch of exceptional hospitality.

Interactions with Alex and Ina adapt to the needs of each visiting group. For aspiring artists, conversations delve into creative processes and inspirations. For other groups, encounters are tailored to participants’ yearnings and interests.

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