Ma’asiyot Cheimar – Clay Creations and Stories

Ma’asiyot Cheimar – Clay Creations and Stories

Explore the world of clay creations Amos, a sculptor, and Ronit, a skilled storyteller, as they open their doors to you and weave the tale of two artists.

Upon entering their garden, Amos’s sculptures warmly welcome you, setting the tone for your visit. Inside the house, a world of sculptural wonders unfolds, each piece a testament to Amos’s artistic journey. From his beginnings as a tech engineer to his evolution as a sculptor, Amos’s story comes to life. He shares his wellsprings of inspiration and guides you through the sculptures that adorn his space. Amos’s artistry possesses a unique ability to stir contemplative questions about society and evoke profound emotions.

Ronit is a talented children’s author and storyteller. She has authored ten books, including seven for children, two for adults, and a poetry book. Ronit shares insights about her family project of publishing her books, her children’s books, and her book “The End of Distant Journeys,” which describes a family’s journey across continents to establish their home. As a treat, Ronit reads a passage from her book “Grandma’s Stories”. The story depicts a personal childhood experience, immersed in various languages spoken by the new immigrants.

Whether you’re a part of a group or a family, this warm and welcoming experience is tailored to accommodate all who visit.

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