Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Welcome to the “” website**, owned and operated by the Company.

Please carefully read the information displayed regarding the Company’s Privacy Policy.

The Company respects the privacy of users on the website, a platform designed for their benefit. These terms delineate, inter alia, the manner in which the Company employs information provided by users or collected during use of the website.

This privacy policy pertains to the website, all services offered by the Company, and serves as an addition to the existing terms of use displayed on the website.

For ease of reference, the masculine language is employed throughout this document.

The Website” and/or “Us” refer to the “’’ Website.

The Company” – Arad Economic Corporation Ltd., private company number 511288730.

The Company’s contact information is as follows:

Mailing Address: 34 Chen Street, Commercial Center, Shia Building, 1st Floor, Arad.


Telephone: +972-533049950

This privacy policy constitutes an integral part of the Website’s terms of use, incorporating the terms defined therein. Consequently, it should be comprehended with the terms of use, with the privacy policy serving as a supplement to the terms of use.

The Company values user privacy significantly, this Privacy Policy describes Company practices with respect to Personal Information we collect from or about you when you use our website, apps. and services (collectively, “Services”). This privacy policy applies to the Website, Services, and all Services provided by the Company, supplementing the terms of use available on the Website.


  1. Privacy Policy

1.1      Subject to your consent upon registration to the website and/or during the use of the Website, you hereby grant permission to the Website and/or its representatives to send advertising offers, as stated in Section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezek and Broadcasting), 5752 – 1982, pertaining to platform-related topics and any other topics.


1.2.     It is hereby clarified that the Company reserves the right to utilize information provided by you or collected during your use of the Website for marketing and/or commercial purposes, at its sole discretion, without necessitating approval.

1.3.     As required or mandated by law, the Company may share information provided by you with authorized authorities.

1.5.     By using the Web, you hereby grant the Company permission to retain your details in its database, for the purposes specified in Section 5 below.

1.8.     You hereby acknowledge that, to operate the Website, the Company engages with  external factors, which may be exposed to such information.

  1. Data Collection

2.1.     The Company may incorporate information provided by you or collected about you into its managed database, while adhering to legal provisions.

2.2.     During use of the Website, the Company may collect private personal information, as detailed in Section 5.2 below.

  1. Data Security

3.1.     The Company implements information security systems, policies and protocols, to secure information across platforms, including the use of secure communication (SSL) for sensitive data transfer. Although the Company invests every effort to safeguard information, absolute security against unauthorized access cannot be guaranteed. By using the site, you acknowledge these limitations and agree to its use, waiving any claims of liability towards the Company in the event that any information related to you and/or your interactions on the site is disclosed to a third party due to breaches, server attacks, security breaches, or technical malfunctions.

  1. Cookies

4.1.     The Company uses “Cookies” for seamless and proper operation, including gathering statistical data regarding site usage, verifying details, customizing preferences, and enhancing information security.

4.2.     Modern browsers offer options to decline cookies. Consult your browser’s help file if you are unfamiliar with this process.

  1. Use of Information

5.1.     The Company shall utilize the collected information in accordance with the provisions of this policy, and applicable laws, for the following purposes:

– Enhancing customer service

– Providing a personalized user experience

– Improving platforms and Services, for example user feedback.

– Resolving disputes

– Addressing technical issues

– Facilitating payments

– Enabling various services on the platforms and Services

– Conducting promotions, surveys and other options on the platforms and Services.

– Sending periodic emails and notifications in the event that the user has chosen to   

   receive them. In the event that the user wishes to unsubscribe, we provide

   appropriate instructions at the end of each email.

– Sending alerts via email/notification/the app. or any other means of communication informing users of various updates related to the Website, according to the user’s selected preferences.

– Displaying customized advertisements on the Website.


5.2.     The information We collect may encompass:

– Browser type

– Device specifications

– Operating system

– Payment history

– User account access details

– Browsing habits

– Browsing history

– Viewed services

– Correspondence

– User actions on the platforms

– IP details

– Contact information provided


  1. Acceptance of the Terms

By using the site, you agree to this privacy policy and the terms of use. Non-agreement with these terms or the privacy policy precludes site usage. Continued site usage post-publication of this privacy policy signifies full acceptance.


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy

7.1.     The Company retains the right to periodically modify the privacy policy. We recommend that you review our privacy policy regularly to stay informed of any changes. It is your responsibility to review the policy and be aware of any changes, as they will take effect immediately upon publication.

7.2.     Site contents, including the privacy policy, may be translated into various languages. However, the Hebrew version remains binding. Translation is provided for user convenience only.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, the site’s operation, the Services, or any other matter related to the Company, please feel free to contact us:

Arad Economic Corporation Ltd.

34 Chen Street, Commercial Center, Shia Building, 1st Floor, Arad, Israel