Tmuna Ba’Midbar Desert Picture

Discover an exquisite and distinct, boutique getaway in Arad, harmoniously intertwined with the captivating photography gallery by the renowned photographer Ilan Tamir. Ideal for families or groups of up to 8 guests.

Indulge in impeccable hospitality marked by meticulous attention to detail, both within the confines of the house and its exterior.

Situated within a tranquil villa community, this expansive lodging option presents panoramic vistas of the Judean Desert, treating you to awe-inspiring sunrises over the Dead Sea and a glimpse of the route to Masada and the Negev settlements.

This delightful dwelling is flawlessly upheld and exceptionally neat, spanning from the accommodations to the thoughtfully outfitted kitchen.         A range of spices, local wines, a luxuriously stocked coffee and tea kit, and dedicated tourist information are at your disposal.

The enchanting and spacious garden seamlessly adapts to all seasons, offers a meticulously arranged barbecue area, and a cozy seating corner adjacent to a charming fishpond.

          We also serve a delicious home-cooked breakfast, upon request.

This residence serves as an impeccable launchpad for journeys and explorations across the encompassing expanse of the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the storied site of Masada.


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