Rugum Guesthouse


Rugum Guesthouse

Experience the charm of our traveler’s lodge, designed to cater to groups or individuals seeking a tranquil getaway. Whether you opt for a shared room, private room, or exclusive use, we offer flexible accommodation options. Our guesthouse accommodates up to 24 people and is also suitable for outdoor camping, making it an ideal choice for cyclists, travelers, tourists, and families.

Nestled on the outskirts of a villa neighborhood, our guesthouse provides breathtaking panorama views of the desert, with 5 bedrooms ranging from 2 to 7 beds per room, an equipped kitchen, and the option to pre-order meals, we ensure your comfort and convenience.

Relax in our spacious garden and chill in our charming seating areas invite tranquility and rejuvenation. Amid lush vegetation, you’ll find a plunge pool, a soothing fountain, and a refreshing swimming pool.

Discover the perfect environment for hosting workshops, retreats, and group activities. Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s ample space to engage in various practices and enriching experiences.

Discover the perfect environment for hosting varied indoor and outdoor activities.


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