Medorat HaShevet

מדורת השבט

“Medorat HaShevet” – The Feast of Feasts Indulge in a bountiful feat brimming with succulent meats, exquisite wines, and boundless joy. Join us every Thursday at 19:00 and every Friday at 15:00 Participation Fee: 275 ILS per guest, VAT included. “Medorat HaShevet” is not your average dining destination – it’s an oasis of uniqueness. It […]

Sheeta Beer

ביר גארדן

Sheeta Beer Garden local brewery, located in the Artists’ Quarter of Arad, has its roots in extensive experimentation and success both in Israel and abroad. Founded by brewers since 2010, the brewery boasts a rich history of crafting fine beers. Visit our Beer Garden Visitors’ Center – Enjoy guided tours that include tastings. Beer Bar […]

Studio Coffee

סטודיו קופי

Step into the world of STUDIO COFFEE, where an American-inspired coffee journey awaits, nestled in Arad’s Artist Quarter. Immerse yourself in our unique atmosphere – unwind amidst our art gallery or garden as you savor our specialty-house-roasted coffee (yes, roasted on-site!) accompanied by tempting American desserts or our delicious breakfast. Every creation is meticulously crafted […]

Columbo Hummus

חומוס קולומבו

Savor the ultimate on-the-go delights with our food truck! Indulge in quick, delectable bites that pack a punch of flavor, infused with the rich and vibrant flavors of the region. A varied menu and…a range of hummus dishes. Savor a mouthwatering journey with every bite!



Step into the home of the Levy Family for an unforgettable culinary journey and a splendid Persian feast! Sharon weaves her immigration story from Iran into the experience, infusing it with authentic Persian recipes. Enjoy the cozy and inviting ambiance, where aromas and flavors transport you to her cherished childhood memories. Ideal for groups and […]

‘Poteach Et Yadecha’ Restaurant

פותח את ידיך

‘Poteach Et Yadecha’ Restaurant (taken from Psalm 145:16 Thou openest thine hand…) The place to savor homemade meals, premium grilled meat served in pitta pockets or laffa bread and a range of tasty business meals.


mistershay 2

Asian dining, expertly dedicated to presenting the finest of Chinese and Thai cuisine. Enjoy the convenience of delivery options. Enjoy our extensive and diverse menu. Indulge in top-tier traditional sushi. Benefit from private parking. Planning an event? Our venue comfortably accommodates up to 60 people, ensuring your gatherings are memorable and enjoyable.

Chef Guy Pisterov

שף פיסטרוב

Chef Guy Pisterov Meet Chef Pisterov – Your Culinary Maestro. Guy Pisterov specializes in curating private events, outdoor feasts, and interactive culinary workshops right in the comfort of your own home. Explore the enchanting world of desert cuisine with his expertise. Elevate your dining experience with Chef Pisterov. Whether it’s hosting outdoor feasts for groups […]



Savor custom-made dairy, meat, and vegetarian homemade meals crafted to your liking. For the on-the-go explorer, we provide dairy, meat, and vegetarian sandwiches, as well as packed meals, and picnics, all thoughtfully arranged in advance. Experience home hosting like never before – with an option for enlightening food lectures, exploring topics on nourishment, spanning animals […]



Welcome to Opera Patisserie Café Indulge in pure pastry perfection at our patisserie. From the first light of breakfast to the satisfying bites of lunch and the refined choices for dinner, Opera offers an all-day culinary journey. Indulge in our dairy catering, a symphony of flavors that harmonize with your preferences. And for those who […]