Yonat Midbar “Desert Dove’’ Artisan Workshops

Yonat Midbar “Desert Dove’’ Artisan Workshops

Welcome to Yonat Midbar, authentic and eco-friendly artisan workshops.  We specialize in crafting natural soaps, candles, and other exquisite creations, all of which you can conveniently purchase on-site. Explore a diverse range of workshops designed for everyone – kids, families, and even colleagues. Some of our workshops include creating natural soap, natural cosmetics, medicinal plant workshops, crafting natural perfumes, designing unique soaps, crafting soap mobiles, and guided tours to explore the healing desert plants. We customize workshops to fit your group’s needs.

Diverse workshops and activities for all ages are available. Products that can be created or purchased include a range of natural soaps, candles, and natural artisanal products.

Operating Hours:

Sundays and Thursdays: 8:30-13:30

Fridays: 8:30-11:30

For details, contact: 052-5307616

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