The “Red Biblical Path” or “Derech Edom Hamikra’it

The “Red Biblical Path” or “Derech Edom Hamikra’it

The trail covers a distance of 14 kilometers and is labeled as Trail Number 11361 on  Trail Markings Map 11.

The “Red Biblical Path” or “Derech Edom Hamikra’it” is a historical route that once connected Judea with Edom. This ancient pathway has served as a significant route from the Iron Age to the Byzantine period, primarily used by locals and Bedouins. It continued to be used until the mid-20th century and is now popular for desert hikes.

The main route of the Derech Adom Hamikra’it seemingly descended from Jerusalem to Hebron, Tel Arad, Nahal Kina, and Nahal Hemar, all the way to the Dead Sea. From there, it appeared to skirt the southern shoreline of the Dead Sea and extended towards the Edom Mountains. Along the route, several watchtowers were built to safeguard travelers, and water sources were established for their convenience.

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