Stav Peretz – Holistic Health Practitioner

Stav Peretz – Holistic Health Practitioner

Meet Stav Peretz, a certified Holistic Health Practitioner for over a decade, with a wealth of experience from treating over 12,000 clients across renowned and esteemed locations in Israel’s holistic and spa therapy field.

Stav invites you to experience a holistic and calming therapeutic journey, accompanied by the soothing sounds of music and the serene desert ambiance of Arad.

All treatments are exclusively professional and tailored to each client’s medical or physical condition. Whether at your accommodation or in the comfort of your home, Stav delivers treatments directly to your location. Moreover, he also provides a home treatment room upon request.

The range of treatments includes Swedish massage, deep tissue and Thai massage, as well as other treatments customized according to specific criteria for each client. Stav also offers sample massage sessions for groups and fun days. Additional therapists are also available for those seeking a treatment for two.

Stav invites you to take a break from your daily routine, dedicate an hour to your well-being and enjoy a liberating and tranquil experience, letting him take care of you.

Stav Peretz – Holistic Health Practitioner

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