Shvil Chatzavim Trail

Shvil Chatzavim Trail

The “Shvil Chatzavim” trail, which translates to the “Trail of Anemones,” offers a short and pleasant hike through desert landscapes. The trail is particularly enchanting during the late summer season (end of August to September) when anemones bloom in the area. This family-friendly trail is short and suitable for everyone, with some moderate uphill sections that are not too challenging.

To start your adventure, you have two starting points options. You can start on Achva  Street, just a few dozen meters after it intersects with Tzabar Street. Follow the path towards Nahal Tavia, and after a short distance, you’ll be greeted by blooming anemones. Enjoy strolling among the anemones and then head back.

Starting from Nof Street in Arad offers an alternative way to embark on the “Shvil Chatzavim” trail. At the end of Nof Street, you’ll find a black ladder that’s approximately 3 meters in height. Descend the ladder, and you’ll connect to a new, green-marked trail. This trail will lead you to the blue trail within Nahal Tavia. The path adorned with blooming anemones creates a picturesque and enjoyable experience. The vibrant colors of the flowers against the backdrop of the desert landscape make this route especially appealing.

Designated as Trail number 11248 on Trail Markings Map 11, this path spans 2 km. Offering a brief and family-friendly journey, it presents a pleasant hike through the desert, providing an opportunity to appreciate the allure of the landscape before circling back to your initial location. From late August to September, the path is adorned with robust anemones, creating a warm welcome along your expedition.

**Images – Galina Techenco**

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