“Shorashim Unity Center”

“Shorashim Unity Center”

The Shorashim Unity Center offers unique and enjoyable activities, and content in and around the magical desert of Arad. A diverse range of content ensures that everyone can find a captivating experience, from musical activities (drums and rhythm/healing sounds from around the world) to desert workshops (scorpions and nocturnal animals / desert campfire hospitality/ stone and bow balancing / Nahal Kidod workshop), stargazing (with lasers and telescopes), ancient crafts (camel wool weaving / ancient fire lighting), and more. Our workshops and events are suitable for all ages and are also delivered in English.

Circle of Drums and Rhythms – Engage in a vibrant and rhythmic musical experience featuring drumming, singing, and dancing with the African djembe drum. This engaging activity promotes a sense of unity and connection as we create music together. As a special treat, enjoy a brief performance of healing sounds that will leave you refreshed and uplifted.

World Sound Healing Journey – Embark on a unique and captivating sound journey that spans the globe, featuring an array of authentic musical instruments from different cultures. Immerse yourself in the enchanting desert atmosphere as the mesmerizing sounds wash over you, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. Let the harmonious melodies transport you to a place of deep serenity and inner peace.

Stone and Bow Balancing – Experience the magic of the desert with our unique workshop that involves creating intricate stone structures, defying gravity, and using balance as our guide. Connect with the environment as you construct challenging arches and formations, discovering the art of balance through the power of gravity. This workshop is not only a creative endeavor but also a journey of personal balance and self-confidence. Work individually or as a team, and find joy in the process of achieving harmony with nature’s elements.

Star Trek  – Embark on a captivating stargazing adventure that takes you on a cosmic journey to explore our place in the universe. Delve into the wonders of star systems, celestial distances, and the awe-inspiring magnitudes of space. Discover the art of star navigation and gain insight into the mysteries of the night sky. With the help of lasers and telescopes, map out the enchanting northern skies and connect with the brilliance of the cosmos.

Palm Leaf Weaving – A special creative workshop. Discover the art of weaving as you create your very own camel souvenir from date palm trees. With expert guidance and a joyful atmosphere, you will learn the intricate techniques of weaving and leave with a beautiful creation of your own making

Nahal Kidod Workshop – Come and explore the desert! In this workshop, we head to Nahal Kidod, north of Arad, where we encounter desert life, animals, plants, caves, and water wells. Perhaps we’ll also meet the Bedouins, desert dwellers with their flocks.

Campfire Desert Hospitality  – Experience the warmth of the desert with our campfire hospitality. Gather around a cozy bonfire with comfortable mats and cushions and listen to captivating desert stories while enjoying herbal tea and music, creating a truly magical and memorable desert evening. Join us for an unforgettable night of relaxation, storytelling, and music by the campfire in the heart of the desert.

Scorpions and Nocturnal Animals – Embark on a desert expedition to encounter scorpions and, if fortune favors us, other intriguing nocturnal creatures. Equipped with a special flashlight, we’ll identify various species of scorpions and delve into their fascinating lives. Join us for an evening or night workshop to explore the mysteries of the desert after dark and discover its hidden inhabitants.


Desert Medicinal Plants and Natural Healing – A fascinating workshop introducing you to the world of healing desert plants and principles of natural medicine. Discover the wonders of herbal remedies and their applications in home cooking. This workshop includes an extensive plant exhibit where you can experience the captivating scents and flavors of these remarkable desert botanicals as you explore the potential of nature’s remedies for wellness and vitality.

Meditation and Unity – Embark on a guided exploration of inner space and tranquility with our meditation and mindfulness session. This experience is designed to deepen your self-awareness, let go of what no longer serves you, and cultivate a life of well-being and peace. Allow the healing sounds to guide you on this journey towards inner unity and serenity.

For more information and bookings, you can find us at the following links:

– Facebook: [Shorashim Unity Center] (שורשים Roots | Facebook)

– Instagram: [shorashimroots](https://instagram.com/shorashimroots?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM)

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