Nahal Abuv

קניון נחל אבוב

Nahal Abuv

Nahal Abuv is a captivating trail that spans 3 kilometers, a black marked trail number 11353 on Trail Markings Map 11. The recommended period for hiking is from October to April. You can also consider hiking during summer days, excluding the hottest hours, from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM or in the late afternoon, approximately 3.5 hours before sunset. However, it’s recommended to avoid hiking in the stream during the nighttime hours.

This moderately difficult hike is suitable for families with children aged 8 and above who possess basic hiking skills. The estimated time for completing the trail is around 3 hours. The trail doesn’t have water sources along its route, and cellular reception is not available.


The trail promises an engaging and eventful adventure, demanding fundamental hiking abilities such as navigating narrow pathways and utilizing handholds to surmount challenges such as waterfalls. The hike starts at Mitzpe Zohar, a prominent location on Mount Zohar with an elevation of 626 meters above sea level. The initial part of the route is accessible by 4X4 vehicles only, leading to Mitzpe Zohar. It’s recommended not to leave vehicles unattended. This area is a Nature Reserve.

Starting at Mitzpe Zohar, a black-marked trail descends to Nahal Abuv. The trail bypasses a waterfall on the left side of the stream, requiring careful navigation across a narrow rocky path with iron handholds for support. This segment includes a short challenging section. Beyond this point,, the trail continues along the deep gorge, occasionally featuring iron handholds for assistance. The trail then ascends on the left side of the gorge to avoid another waterfall before rejoining the stream. Near the foot of the waterfall, you will discover Ein Abuv, a small spring that often dries up in summer.

The trail leads back to the left side of the stream until it reaches the junction with Road 258, located approximately 1 kilometer south of the Hatrurim Junction. Nahal Abuv is a short yet charming stream adorned with unique erosion formations created by water currents. It is important to avoid entering the stream if rainfall is anticipated.

The surroundings of Nahal Abuv are designated as a nature reserve, underscoring the significance of adhering to regulations and instructions. Maintain your course along the designated path, steer clear of igniting fires, abstain from leaving any non-natural objects, and ensure the area remains free from litter. Furthermore, spending the night within the reserve is discouraged for safety reasons.

Please note that the beginning of the trail, from Mitzpe Zohar, is accessible by 4X4 vehicles only and is currently in need of repair. It’s not advised to leave vehicles unattended, and the area is designated as a nature reserve.

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