Mitzpe Bikat Kanaim (Kanaim Valley Viewpoint)

Mitzpe Bikat Kanaim (Kanaim Valley Viewpoint)

Trail Length 2.5 km. Trail Number 11242 on Trail Markings Map 11. Trail Marking Color – Green.

Photo Credit: Dov Punyio

The trail begins from the Arad-Mitzpe Road, descending towards Nahal Rahaf. It crosses the channel, encircles the “Zman Midbar” tourist site, and connects to the off-road path leading to the “Misholay Rahaf” site, concluding approximately 1.5 km from the starting point. Along the trail hikers will enjoy ancient landscapes of the Kanaim Valley, one of the most breathtaking views in the Arad region. The journey ends with a 4X4 vehicle.

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