Kfar Ha’Nokdim – Desert Oasis

Kfar Ha’Nokdim – Desert Oasis

Nestled in the Judean Desert’s Qanna’im Valley, between the towns of Arad and Masada, lies Kfar Ha’Nokdim, an enchanting desert oasis.

Discover Kfar Ha’Nokdim – a desert oasis nestled within the Kana’im Valley of the Judean Desert, between the towns of Arad and Masada. Here, amidst palm trees and orchards, you will discover a variety picturesque lodging, Bedouin tents intricately woven from goat’s wool, spacious handcrafted stone huts, and charming chillout corners.  Founded in 1991, Kfar Ha’Nokdim has been a haven for thousands of groups and families from both Israel and abroad. Whether you seek a tranquil desert retreat or an extraordinary event, Kfar Ha’Nokdim offers an unparalleled experience in the heart of the Judean Desert landscape.




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