Israel Trail Segment 32 – Panoramic Views from Nachal (Stream) Tze’elim Canyon

Israel Trail Segment 32 – Panoramic Views from Nachal (Stream) Tze’elim Canyon

**Trail Description **

This is an easy to moderate hike suitable for families and casual hikers. Recommended for ages 8 and above.


**Trail Length** 14 km. You can reduce the length by 3 km if you start the trail at the 14.5-kilometer mark on the road from the western side to Masada. The clearly marked green trail takes you straight to the peak of Mount Na’ama.


**Parking:** Night parking at Birkat Tzfira. To reach the parking lot, travel along the Arad-Masada road (Route 3199) to Kfar Ha’Nokdim, opposite you will see a black marked trail heading north. Follow the trail for 3km until you reach a sharp left turn, there are some challenging segments along the way. If you have more than one vehicle, it is recommended to shuttle one ahead before commencing the hike, just prior to entering the site from the western side. If you do not have a vehicle, you will require transportation to Kfar Ha’Nokdim and at the end of the trail, transportation from the western side of Masada.

**Preferred Season:** October to May.


**Caution** Monitor weather and flood alerts attentively and adapt your plans accordingly. Rain in the region could lead to sudden flash floods. The journey is undertaken at your own discretion. Prearrange communication with the Nature and Parks Authority supervisor in advance at: 050-6951834 / 050-2472319 (Jamal), or the emergency unit at 100. Most viewpoints are located near cliffs; maintain a safe distance from the edges.

Some of the information published on the website is based on the book by Dov Puniyo, “The Travelers Guide to the Southern Judean Desert,” published in 2014.

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