Israel Trail Segment 30 – Mount Amasa to Arad

Israel Trail Segment 30 – Mount Amasa to Arad

The Israel Trail spans Israel from north to south, offering numerous surprises and breathtaking landscapes. The segment of the Israel Trail in the Arad region starts at Mount Amasa, passes through Arad, and ends at Masada.

Exploring the trail traversing the Arad region, you might encounter Bedouins who reside in the vicinity, disinterested camels, off-road aficionados, and an ice cream truck that seems like a mirage. Your experience largely depends on the day you arrive. You could cross paths with fellow hikers or savor tranquil solitude.

On reaching the end of the trail, you have the opportunity to camp at a spot where once more than a hundred Roman soldiers huddled together.

This segment of the Israel Trail is relatively long. Since many people love hiking in the desert, especially in winter, it’s crucial to pay attention to the hours of dusk and sunset, as well as pay attention to weather forecasts for rain and the risk of flash floods.

Ensure prudent planning, allocate your walking hours sensibly within daylight while on the trail, and seek out safe sleeping spots.

As previously noted, the trail commences at Mount Amasa, leading you into the city. This presents a great opportunity to indulge in delectable cuisine from Arad’s diverse range of eateries and prepare for the journey ahead.


The Israel Trail is a route that spans the length of Israel, covering 940 km. The trail starts at Kibbutz Dan in the north and ends near the Taba border, in Eilat. The Israel Trail passes through the Green Line areas and includes historical sites and unique natural phenomena.

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