Facing Masada- Light and Sound Spectacle

Facing Masada- Light and Sound Spectacle

Among the captivating attractions in the region, the light and sound spectacle at the Masada site is a standout. This mesmerizing experience employs audiovisual techniques to vividly recount the story of Masada. As you sit beneath the starry sky, you’ll feel transported back to the atmosphere that enveloped this majestic mountain nearly 1,900 years ago. The spectacle captures the essence of life, struggle, and valor that unfolded during Masada’s final moments. Lasting about 50 minutes, the show begins approximately half an hour after sunset, transitioning the hills of the Judean Desert into an ethereal backdrop. The spectacle takes place at Masada’s western side from March to October and can be accessed through Arad only.

Enchanting Nights at Masada: A New Spectacle Unveiled

Embark on an unforgettable journey through time with the all-new night show at Masada – a dazzling light and sound spectacle that paints history against the ancient walls.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the stars emerge, setting the stage for a captivating tale. Witness the magic of light and sound as they come together to narrate the heroic saga of Masada’s final moments. For about 50 minutes, you’ll be transported to an era where courage and resilience defined every heartbeat.

From March to October, this enchanting experience graces the western side of Masada, accessible only through the beautiful town of Arad.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this mesmerizing journey through time and history.


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